At Billund Airport you can borrow a wheelchair for free. When transferring to an airport wheelchair at check-in, there will be plenty of time to put your own wheelchair on board the airplane.

Boarding assistance (Ergoport)
The following series of images illustrates how you can be helped on board. It is easy to get from the wheelchair to the Ergoport, and you will be comfortable in the wheelchair during transport to the flight cabin. Ergoport makes it easy to get on board the flight cabin.

There is a stair lift for all passenger boarding bridges.

Terminal design
Disabled access was a core element of the construction of the airport. The terminal is on three levels and a lift provides easy access to all disabled facilities. Check-in kiosks are at a height that makes them easy to use, even if you are a wheelchair user.

The homepage (website with detailed description of facilities in Billund Airport).