Liquids in hand luggage

Rules for bringing liquids in hand luggage
Liquids in your hand luggage must be carried in containers with a maximum capacity of 100 ml.
You may carry more than one container of liquid, but not more than it can fit in one re-sealable plastic bag of a maximum 1 liter. You may only bring one of these bags. 

Do you bring baby food, medicines or dietary of more than 100 ml, which you need during your travel, or tax-free liquids (in sealed bags from the airport, they were purchased and with visible receipt in the bag), you are allowed to bring these. Just notice that they will be security checked.

You must take all liquids out of your bags and place them visible in the designated plastic box at the security checkpoint, so security personnel can see them. You may find that the fluids are selected for additional security checks.
The Transport Authority has a page with helpful advice regarding liquids in hand luggage.