Business and General Aviation Centre

The Business and General Aviation Centre at Billlund Airport handles private and commercial flights carrying up to 10 passengers. Only very basic handling (Hotac, Catering coordination etc.) can be carried out at the GA Center. Operators requiring full handling services (lavatory, fresh water, baggage handling etc.), are referred to Billund Handling.
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Contact the General Aviation Centre:
GA Centervej 6, 7190 Billund
Telephone: +45 76 50 50 70
Fax +45 75 35 39 74 (Airport Office/ARO)
Freq: 131.500 mHz

The General Aviation Terminal is located south of the runway. Aircraft to be served at the Business and General Aviation Centre will be directed to a stand on the south apron by the TOWER ATC.

In the facilities you will find the following functions: Airport Office, briefing, MET office, Airport Reporting Office (ARO).

How to get to the Business and General Aviation Centre:
Address: GA Centervej 6, 7190 Billund.


Coordinates: 55°44'12.16"N 00 9° 8'4.60"E

If arriving by road, follow the road signs reading "Cargo/Taxifly".

Outside the terminal building there is free car parking.

Inside the terminal:
Once inside the terminal you will find a waiting room at ground floor where passengers can assemble. The airport office is located on the 1st floor together with a crewrest with access to computer with internet and printer. Free WIFI is available in the entire building.

For pilots

The Airport office will prepare a folder with NOTAMs, METARs, TAFs, upperwind and significant weather charts to be ready one hour before ETD. If you need hotac, catering etc., please let us know in advance.

In the following cases we would appreciate an advance notice:

• You are flying a NON-Schengen flight, please state the number of passengers.
• You plan to stay over night
• You require refueling
• You require GPU for start up
• You need a taxi for your passengers, hotac, catering or other services

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the officer on duty:

Phone: +45 76 50 50 70
Fax +45 75 35 39 74