Employment in Billund Airport

When you are looking for employment in Billund Airport, it is essential that you understand that some of the jobs in the company involves work during evenings, nights and weekends. The work hours naturally follow the rhythms of the air flight traffic. It is necessary that our employees can be available when the airplanes and passengers are there.

In some departments a number of employees are used part-time because there is a need for increased staffing during short periods of time. At times there will also be a number of employees with temporary contracts in connection with staffing during peak season.

As a new employee at the airport, you will undergo a training course, which may consist of both workplace training and courses.

All new employees participate in a mandatory induction day where Billund Airport's business objectives and personnel policies as well as significant security areas are reviewed. There will also be an opportunity to go around and visit all the company’s different functions.

A condition of employment in Billund Airport is a criminal record without annotations, and that the police can issue a general access authorization, see Aviation Act § 70, second item. This must be renewed every three years. In areas where a high level of trust is required it is necessary to be able to produce an expanded criminal record without annotations.