Square Café and Kiosk - Before security-check

You can be served exciting hot dishes that are made quickly while you wait. There is also a wide selection of cakes and pastries and various kiosk products. More about Square Café and Kiosk

Sunset Boulevard

Fresh, crispy sandwiches and burgers. Together with the surroundings, this quick, delicious and varied meal, will give you a cast, positive experience. More about Sunset Boulevard.


Indulge in a gastronomic experience with exclusive specialties on the menu, while enjoying views of the airport traffic. More about the GastroBar


Here you can enjoy a wide range of menus and drinks in a large, cosy seating area. Grab & Fly - A quick and easy meal that you can pick up in a bag and take with you on your trip. More about Diner

At the airport we have 4 restaurants. These restaurants represent menues for all needs - no matter if you have time for an exclusive dinner or if you are in a hurry and just need a quick snack.

You can visit following restaurants: