Square Café and Kiosk

The Square Café and Kiosk is the center of life and excitement. It is at this restaurant where you meet with family and friends, but also here where you say farewell before your journey begins.

The Square Café and Kiosk opens at the first morning departure. During the day you will be served exciting hot dishes, that are made quickly while you wait.

There is also a wide selection of hot and cold drinks, cakes, pastries and various kiosk products.


This "To-go-bag" is for you, who have just arrived.

For only DKK 49,- (EUR 6.58) you will get a delicious sandwich, Kildevand water and a piece of fruit.

The "To-go-bag" is an easy and quick lunch, which you can bring to your car or bus.

Download the menu here.

Square Menu