Places to eat

With 5 dining options at the airport, you can choose a menu to suit your wishes - whether you have plenty of time or you just need something quick and tasty, because you are in a hurry.

You can choose from the following places to eat:

Square Café and Kiosk - Before the security check

Square Café and Kiosk is located between check-in and arrivals, with a wide range of food, drinks and kiosk items.  More about Square Cafe and Kiosk.

Sunset Boulevard

Fresh sandwiches and burgers that together with the surroundings gives a seamless and positive experience.  More about Sunset.


The Gastro is for those who want a complete travel experience in business class, while enjoying the airport's best view of the air traffic.  More about Gastro.


There is a wide range of menus and drinks that can be enjoyed in a large, cosy seating area. Grab & Fly: Many options to take something on the flight!  More about Diner.


Lagkagehuset are known for beautyfull and deliscious cakes. So if you wan't something sweet, we recomend a coasy time in Lagkagehuset before travel.  More about Lagkagehuset.