King Amlet Lounge

King Amlet Lounge is an elegant and comfortable waiting area. Tastefully furnished with, among other things, Børge Mogensen furniture. Danish design of the best quality.

King Amlet Lounge is named after the person who is buried in the biggest of the four mounds located just south of the eastern part of the start-way and runway. The site with the four mounds is a conservation area.

The lounge is a quiet and calm area with the peace to work and the opportunity to relax before your trip.

King Amlet Lounge offers:

- A selection of international newspapers and magazines
- Computers with Internet access
- WiFi
- A meeting room
- Refreshments

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King Amlet menu card



You will find the King Amlet Lounge by keeping right after crossing the cosmetics area in the departure hall and walking past the Kiosk and up the stairs or take the elevator.

King Amlet Lounge cooperates with the airport eatery Time-to-Eat. Selected menus can be ordered and paid for with the lounge staff and then enjoyed in King Amlet.