At the airport



Get a more relaxed beginning to your journey -  check-in at home.
Large variety of restaurants at Billund Airport

Places to eat

With 5 dining options at the airport, you can choose a menu to suit your wishes - whether you have plenty of time or you just need something quick and tasty, because you are in a hurry.  Discover the options of eateries.

King Amlet Lounge

King Amlet Lounge is an elegant and comftable waiting area.  Read more about King Amlet Lounge here.

Input flight nr

The flight number can be found on your ticket, travel certificate or travel confirmation, e.g., KL1348, BA8219, JTG517, etc.

Note: Online check-in is not available for all flights. 

Advantages of online check-in: 

        • Print your boarding pass from home
        • If you only have hand luggage, go directly to the departure hall
        • Drop off hand luggage for check-in at the luggage drop-off